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It would be great if a companies such as Pixar, Sony Animation Studios and other studios and Game dev companies give back to community and created some great tutorials for students and enthusiasts to teach them about animation and provide some quality tutorials. Surely they can afford to do so and surely it is for their benefit!

I've decided to create a news Bot for the Czech speaking audience which includes myself and my interests, I'm going to create a few more bots so I don't have to browse all the news sites for info. -> @CeskeNoviny

** Bosses' pandemic pay cuts 'superficial' says report **

"The UK's largest companies have failed to address a culture of excessive bonuses, a report says."

** LinkedIn co-founder reveals key secret to success **

"Allen Blue, who co-founded professional network LinkedIn, reveals how start-ups can achieve growth."

"Playing correctly from the small blind can be frustrating and confusing. On the one hand, you already have half the bet in the pot, which should entice you to play more hands. On the other, you'll have to play out of position on every street, which suggests that you should actually play fewer hands." - Daniel Negreanu -

I took this picture a few years ago on my birthday when I was visiting London for a day. I went to see the Phantom of the Opera later that day. Good memories, can't wait to re-visit once the current issues settle. Don't even want to mention the C word.

It's never been so easy to connect, share and bring people together. We are learning from others and finding the best in ourselves. Challenging our beliefs and sharing our vulnerabilities, overcoming our fears, transforming ourselves so we can transform the World. How far can we go?

Another Bot successfully deployed -> The Independent News Bot @Independent 🗞️ 👍 :linux: :py: :rpi:

Just completed my NHS employer's risk asessment which puts me into -> 'High risk' of becoming hospitalised and seriously ill if infection occurs.

* Recommendation -> Can work with confirmed COVID-19 patients in all environments. Not sure what to think about this.

** 'Curious' cow gets head stuck in tree in Oxford **

"Firefighters are said to have "lubricated" the animal's neck before managing to pull it free."

I have just upgraded my Mastodon server instance to v3.2.0 👍

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This is my private -> single user server instance.